Who is David Wegener?

As a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army, David Wegener trained combat engineers for Vietnam. Later David worked for a multinational corporation for 24 years before resigning from a management position to go into the ministry. He has been in full-time ministry for over 15 years and made over 18 video tapes, most of which have been converted into DVD format.

David Wegener's presentations are chock-full of documentation and he is not afraid to share his heartfelt concerns for the people of the United States. His presentations are filled with interesting information and media clips and are free of manipulative sensationalism. David's concern for the state of America is real and he is worthy of your prayers and support.


* Expose all types of deceptions in these latter days
* Warn God's people of His impending judgment
* Motivate & stimulate God's people to seek His face (fall in love with Jesus)
* Encourage God's people to separate themselves from the cares of the world
* Recruit people for the Lord's Army
* Educate Christians on what they can do: asking them to make their calling sure
* (Awareness Digest & Conferences)
* Encourage effective, fervent prayer
* Be the salt & light Jesus asks us to be while being ready at all times to give an answer for our faith.


The Goal of Hope for America Ministries is to call America and specifically God's people to repentance. America has turned from God and doesn't want to acknowledge it. Our leaders are godless and lawless, our unborn children are being slaughtered by the thousands each day, our schools are without morals and values, our society endorses sin as long as it "feels good." The Bride of Christ slumbers in apathy, compromise and tolerance. We have lost our first love and our love "waxes cold."

The battle is not against flesh and blood, but against spirits of evil. The battleground is not in the courtrooms, not in the schoolrooms, not with our brothers and sisters, and not with the world. Rather the battleground is ON OUR KNEES IN PRAYER. Will you join us and pray for our country, our leaders, the unborn, the persecuted believers around the world, and the slumbering church in America?

Pray that God will raise up intercessors. Pray for your family and friends.


Hope for America Ministries
P.O. Box 11960
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Resource List (VHS and DVDs)

You may obtain a hard copy list of resources mentioned on this website by calling Hope For America Ministries' toll-free resource line (1-800-959-1991).

Prices are reasonable and permission is granted to copy DVDs and videos to give away free to others.

Note: David Wegener does not have an email address.